Federal Concrete Roadway Project 

Sabino Canyon Tram Road Paving


Scope of Work

Work consists of culvert and headwall installation as well as milling and replacing the existing pavement on approximately 0.12 miles of road. The improvement work is meant to increase the drivability and durability of the road for frequent tram usage.

Key Project Elements
  • Milling and disposing all existing 0.12 miles of 14-foot-wide pavement, 3-inches deep.
  • Placing and finishing 0.12 miles of 14-foot-wide pavement, 4-inches thick (5-inches thick above culverts).
  • Applying  0.4 tons of tack coat, Grade CSS-1h, 0.070 GAL/SY residual, for the new pavement.
  • Installing two 16-feet-long, 24-inch diameter corrugated metal pipes.
  • Pouring four headwalls, 2-cubic yards or 3000 PSI concrete each, around the inlets and outlets of the corrugated metal pipes 

Project Location:

Sabino Canyon, Coronado National Forest, Arizona

Project Owner:

United States Department of Agriculture – Forest Service

Project Timeline:


Contract Amount:


Before – In Progress

After – In Progress

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