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At Whelcon Contractors, based in Tucson, Arizona, we act ethically and with integrity to build infrastructure dedicated to bettering the standards of living for communities, organizations and individuals. All while offering exceptional service, outstanding quality, and dynamic value to every job performed.

ROC: 279612 & 278403


Our dedicated team of experts in commercial civil construction execute your vision by collaborating with your architect throughout the project’s build, while remaining adaptable to changing needs.  We deliver your project on schedule and within budget, while meeting your inherent site and quality requirements.


Our Government project managers have a demonstrated history of providing reliable, dependable construction services to Federal, State, and local infrastructure projects.  We communicate with Government Contracting Officers openly, honestly, and directly to build confidence in the project’s outcome.  Our ethical standards demand that we execute projects on time, on budget, and to the exact specifications laid out in the contract.

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Our engineering projects are led by experienced management teams who guide the project from inception through final inspection with competency and attention to every detail.

ROC: 279612 & 278403

Bridge Structures

We construct bridges with structural steel, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, or post-tensioned concrete.

Site Preparation

Our services for build preparation entail blasting, test drilling, landfill, leveling, earth-moving, and excavating.

Structural Concrete

Performance based concrete designs, as our speciality, include shear wall systems, concrete buildings, and slab and beam.


Asphalt, and at times concrete, are laid by our equipment operators to sustain vehicular loads on heavily used roads. 


Our heavy ground management team levels dirt or adjusts slopes and elevation to provide a solid building foundation.

Underground Utilities

We build underground infrastructure networks for water, sewage, gas, electricity, and other utilities.


Specializing in concrete, we build foundations to ensure your structure has lasting strength and durability.

Flatwork & ADA Sidewalks

Our flatwork is created to meet precise specifications for community safety and robust performance.

Concrete Pads

 Residential Housing, Commercial and Government concrete pads for multiple uses. Homes, Buidlings, Aircraft, Storage and Structures.

Proven Leader in Infrastructure 

As a civil general contractor, we provide our clients with exceptional quality control of project deliverables.  Our client service is offered with integrity and enthusiasm to build extraordinary feats of engineering throughout the southwest United States.

ROC: 279612 & 278403

Living Safety EveryDay!

Whelcon Contractors has designed a safety culture that proactively promotes an injury-free workplace for our employees and subcontractors. Our  engaged approach to zero workplace injuries is achieved through continuous education in project, environmental, and behavioral worksite safety activities.  We recognize and honor that people are our most valuable asset.

Work Driven By Integrity

Whelcon Contractors stays abreast of the latest developments in technology and construction materials, allowing us to improve efficiency while exceeding specifications.  We complete large-scale projects relying on the latest machinery to maximize production and outperform schedules.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence and expertise in workmanship are the hallmarks that our clients rely upon. This has allowed us to develop long-term business relationships.

Infrastructure Built With Commitment

Bridging Communities

Our organization positively impacts the communities in which it serves and operates. Our teams have decades of experience working in complex urban and rural environments which demand adaptability to changing project conditions. 

Let’s discuss the infrastructure improvement projects in your community.


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