Whelcon Contractors is a business built on developing longstanding relationships with clients. This emphasis has contributed to bringing tailored engineering and general contracting services to various clients in the southwest region of the United States. We focus on growing our employees while honoring their diverse backgrounds, we combine our depth of talent with a resourceful nature to execute challenging projects safely, in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

The Whelcon Story

Starting in 2018, Whelcon Contractors LLC takes pride in a team approach with a strict determination to utilize longstanding relationships with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and vendors to ensure each project meets client expectations. By working diligently, our organization stands out from other general contracting companies because we treat every project uniquely to fulfill its needs and specifications. 

A Team That Cares About Your Project

Alejandro Contreras

Co-Founder & CEO

Alejandro co-founded Whelcon Contractors to fulfill the need to provide clients with an exceptional and uncompromising quality of work. With over 20 years of experience leading successful teams through dynamic projects and business management, Alex offers a comprehensive understanding of engineering, general contracting, estimating, and operations. Alex has been the go-to project developer due to his well-versed experience and knowledge as he demands quality delivery of projects. His cultivated experience progressed through his dedicated work for the Department of Defense in utility and civil construction and large-scale developments and renovations. This includes Army Corps of Engineers, NAVFAC, Bureau of Reclamation, Department of Forest Service, Department of Federal Highways, Bureau of Interior, ADOT, City of Tucson, Department of National Park Service, and the Department of Energy. During daily business operations at Whelcon, Alex uses his past experience to direct projects, strategically negotiate and implement construction contracts with key clientele and government agencies, plan and direct fiscal performance, develop market penetration plans and oversee all departments of Whelcon.

Travis Whelan

Co-Founder & COO

Travis co-founded Whelcon Contractors to promote his desire to build a business culture that celebrates its employees through skill development and internal growth. In continuing to pursue a business focused on people, Travis brings forth a sophisticated approach to ensure clients and our team are successful in work and life. Travis has acquired well-rounded knowledge throughout his careers in the construction industry in general contracting, land development, home building, commercial tenant improvement, civil construction and water treatment. He has worked for multiple companies in both size and skill capacity, to include builders, publicly traded national corporations, employee-owned companies, and privately owned firms. Travis is highly accomplished in delivering civil construction solutions and project management to clients in the most efficient and effective manner.

Heath Edwards

General Superintendent

Joining Whelcon in 2018, Heath is a powerhouse of a head superintendent with a strong 20-year foundation in the construction industry.  His experience weaves through various sectors of construction, including civil, structural, architectural, and industrial. Subcontractors and industry partners praise Heath’s work ethic, clear management, and guidance.  Heath manages all field personnel and staffing needs and coordinates and schedules subcontractors, equipment, and materials. He is devoted to the assurance of on-site production, emphasizing safety, quality, and consistency for each project while maintaining financial budgets and on-time completion. 

Kevin Chapman

Project Manager



Project Engineer

Alexandra has shown her commitment to excellence through her attention to detail and extensive project knowledge since joining Whelcon in 2022. Alexandra comes in with 5+ years of experience in Project Management and has held leadership positions in institutions such as the University of Arizona. After obtaining her Master of Engineering in Innovation, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship, she has been crucial in creating satisfactory projects for all clients. Alexandra conducts analysis for each project, including on-site measurements, quantity tracking, and design work prior to and during active construction activities. She prepares and submits permits and regulatory documents to comply with any regulations for all project locations.

Mark Dickerson

Project Manager


Isabella rivera


Isabella joined Whelcon in 2022 following a career shift from the medical field to business administration after obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration. Having worked in the ICU for five years, Isabella works well under high-stress situations and is a strong force as the head of Whelcon’s Finance Department. Due to owning a business in the past, she is well-versed in all things business development and has assisted with Whelcon’s growth as a company. Isabella manages all finance-related matters, including accounts receivable and payable, operating costs, cost of sales, construction development, and client or business invoices. She is dedicated to maintaining Whelcon’s financial integrity and supports the overall financial growth of the company’s opportunities. 

Alfonso lozano

Human Resources Manager

Alfonso is the newest member of the Whelcon Contractors Team, but he comes in with 10+ years of experience in Human Resources. While working closely with Whelcon field employees, Alfonso is the first point of contact for any employee-based queries. Alfonso manages all employee benefits, including health, dental, and vision insurance, alongside 401k and any government or court documents. He oversees all Whelcon employees and their respective needs while also ensuring Whelcon remains in compliance with any and all local and federal laws.

Ethics Compliance

We take ethics and ethical behavior seriously.  Recurring training in ethics compliance promotes a culture of trust and integrity that informs business and personal conduct. Our leaders believe that ethical conduct starts at the organization’s top and strive to behave with honor and integrity in all transactions with employees and clients.


 Honesty.  Integrity. DETERMINATION.


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