We  deliver extensive experience and strategic value with trusted advisory on each heavy civil construction project.  Our client alignment pledge assures the highest ethical business practices throughout each build producing operational excellence.

Why Choose Whelcon Contractors

We will build your project successfully with emphasis on value and intense quality management.  We act as your advocate by creating a project culture of collaboration, being proactive, and mitigating shared risk from start to finish.

Bridge Structures

Our advanced methodologies are used to build bridge structures that span physical obstacles, such as a large body of water, valley, or roadway.  Our bridges are constructed with the highest grade material, environmental awareness, and to detailed plan specifications for the purpose of providing passage over an obstacle that lasts many decades.

Site Preparation

Demolition or wrecking of buildings and other structures may be necessary to clear build sites for land development or new uses.  Our site preparation generally entails the removal of building debris, test drilling, landfill, leveling, earth-moving, excavating, land drainage and other types of land work. 

Structural Concrete

Our company specializes in concrete design and formation capable of carrying a structural load to form integral parts of a structure.  For a concrete to be used structurally it is designed to have a characteristic strength in excess of 25N/mm2. Lesser strength concrete builds are termed as non-structural.


Building a roadway takes planning, preparation and the use of specialized grading and compacting equipmentWe generally use common materials for paving roads such as asphalt and concrete, however additional considerations such as the amount of traffic will determine which material will be used.


Grading in civil engineering is the work of ensuring a level base or a specified slope for construction work such as a foundations, railways, landscape improvements, or surface drainage. We bring the right equipment to meet all grading specification for land development needs.


We create underground networks of utility infrastructure which is critical for business and communities.  This includes design, implementation, and maintenance for water, sewage, gas mains, electrical grids, and other types of delivery systems.

Flatwork & ADA Sidewalks

Preparation and poured concrete surfaces to include specialized ADA sidewalks, walkways, patios, foundations, driveways and any other horizontal surfaces. Concrete is the primary choice of material for flatwork as it forms a perfectly flat and even surface.


Drainage and water removal systems are engineered for areas with an excess of water. To prevent severe waterlogging from inadequate soil pourousity, artificial drainage is used to improve production or manage water supplies.  We construct underground water detention systems, water quality chambers, culverts and culvert piping, cast-in place or precast trench drain systems, inlets and manholes, and perforated drain systems.

Our commitment to dependability demands quality, honesty, safety, and environmental awareness to meet or exceed regulatory and contractual standards.

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