Federal Roadway Project

Red Cloud Mine Road


Scope of Work

The scope of work for this project encompasses enhancements to the existing roadway, including surface milling, aggregate base improvements, and asphalt surfacing.

Key Project Elements
  • Repair and enhancement of the structural integrity and safety for total roadway length of 1.34 miles.
  • To improve road ride quality and serviceability of 16 cattle guards used as drainage culverts, diamond tread steel plates have been bolted on top railings at wheel paths.
  • The roadway, in drainage low sections, milled 1.5-inches of AC and 4-inches of cement treated base and removed. This is replaced with an imported aggregate base course.
  • Roadway received two lifts of 1.5-inches of asphalt pavement in drainage sections and 1.5-inches of asphalt overlay in non-drainage sections.

Project Location:

Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, Yuma County, Arizona

Project Owner:

Federal Highway Administration

Project Timeline:

March 2024 – Present

Contract Amount:




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