State PCCP Project

Apron Repair and Expansion (162nd)

237310, 237990, NAICS CODES

Scope of Work

Remove existing asphalt between new apron and blast walls. Repair the apron shoulder pavement by replacing existing shoulder asphalt concrete pavement with airfield Portland cement concrete (PCC)

Key Project Elements
  • 4″ inches of ABC were placed and compacted on subgrade, dowels drilled and epoxied into surrounding PCCP
  • Dowel baskets placed at all joint locations
  • 12″ inches of 650 Flex concrete mix placed using vibratory screed
  • Airfield striping installed to incorporate new areas for aircraft taxiway

Project Location:

Tucson, Arizona

Project Owner:

Department of Emergency and Military Affairs

Project Timeline:

November 2022 – January 2023

Contract Amount:

$ 565,000.00



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