Saguaro National Park Educational Patio

Professional structural engineer

NPS Educational Patio

Tucson, Arizona

Owner: NPS, IMR Arizona
Project Start: September, 2019
Completion Date: (October, 2019)

Awarded Project Value



NPS Education Patio

2019, Arizona, Government, Utilities

Project Scope

The project is located in Tucson, Arizona, at Saguaro National Park by Rincon Mountain in Pima County. 

The scope of work includes furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment, fixtures and services required for the brick seat wall. Trenching, bedding and backfill for utilities 


  • Establish Educational Patio at Saguaro National Park East, Rincon Mountain District. 
  • Structure backfill for the bridge widening to consist of furnishing, placing and compacting backfill around the structure to the level designated.
  • Geo-composite wall drains installed on the soil side of the new abutment walls and the new wing walls.
  • Concrete Deck Curing and Finish was in accordance with ADOT Standard Specifications using a burlap cover with water cure for a minimum of 7 days.


In an effort to construct an academic outside classroom. We start with a formwork, reinforcement, concrete tensile membrane structures, earthwork, and aggregate.


The secure brick seat wall  was built perfectly within surrounding we-cared for environment to the engineer’s specifications.  They project was completed within two months. The outdoor classroom is used for interpretive programs, special events and educational programs. Spectacular view of the Rincon Mountains. 

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